Generic Competencies Project

Planning and development


Phases of development of the project included:

•  Defining the shortlisted generic attributes important in various disciplines or professional contexts.

•  Formulation of steering committee and working groups, and developing teaching package, including case scenarios based on both the data collected from interviews with front-line practitioners, and input from practitioners in terms of instructional design.

•  In-depth discussion with participating departments about how to implement the resources or models, such as subject-integrated mode/stand-alone workshop, in developing and raising students' awareness of generic competencies.

•  Developing online versions of the teaching packages associated with the online assessment rubric for teaching staff to help sustain the activities.

•  Awareness-raising workshops and follow-up activities aimed at providing opportunities for students to develop certain generic skills. This phase included the development, implementation and evaluation of the follow-up activities.

•  Linking the initiatives to the 4-year curriculum. Negotiation is in place and some preliminary ideas were obtained in this phase of development.

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Development of case clips / scenarios representative of the outcomes

Below are experience sharing that was collected about the chosen competency and why it is considered important in the respective profession. This provided a good background understanding of the case scenarios to be developed.

Remark: You can invite your relevant colleagues, alumni or employer groups to compile the information in order to address the gaps that still exist between the requirements of the profession and your students' level of development of the competencies that are not yet being addressed fully by your current strategies.

Generic Competencies
  1. Why is it important in the profession?
  2. What problems / difficulties students have with it?
  3. What are the current strategies being used in your teaching programme to address competency?
Message from Dr. Marian Wong, School of Nursing (Video)
Message from Dr. Edward Lo, Department of Electrical Engineering (Video)

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Structure of the workshop packages

1) Message from Dean/Department Heads

3) Graduates' Wrap up

2) Case Scenarios (4 to 6 departmental context)

4) Overall summary of the package


Features of the case clips / scenarios

Case example: Critical thinking from HTI

Presents a scenario of a graduate lacking the competence:

Mr. Wong, an Orthotist who receives a case referral from another department of the hospital. In the reference letter, the referring health care professional prescribes that the patient will require knee orthosis on the right leg. Mr. Wong just follows the prescriptions as laid down in the reference letter without going through any thinking process. After receiving the services, the patient makes a complaint to the Orthotist as it was indeed his left leg that requires knee orthosis.

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Invites participants to identify the incompetence, reflect on the possible consequences and to suggest alternatives:

¡E What mistakes do you think the professional made in handling this case referral?
¡E In your workbook is a list of the competencies that were necessary in this situation. Which ones does Mr. Wong lack?

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Invites participants to identify their own needs:

¡E Do you think you have the skills that Mr. Wong lacks? Use the ¡¥barometer' in the workbook to rate your own skills.

Presents a scenario of graduates demonstrating the use of the competency:

After receiving the case referral, Mr. Wong does a comprehensive assessment / evaluation on the patient. He spots out that there were discrepancies between what was written down in the reference letter and that of his own observation. He goes through a thinking process and eventually phones up the referring professional to further investigate the problems. He could then get the co-operation from the other party and eventually the referring professional goes to his office to sort out the problems with him together.

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