Generic Competencies Project

Aims and specific objectives

Aims and specific objectives are

  • to collaborate with faculties and departments to develop discipline-specific learning courses and / or resources/toolkits to facilitate the development of students' generic competencies in the professional context.
Based on the issues as delineated in the rationale section, the specific objectives of this institutional collaborative project are:
  • to develop a working plan for the development of generic attributes of students of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University which embodies the institutional strategic objectives on learning and teaching and the academic community's understanding of graduate qualities in the professional context;
  • to develop a set of resources and / or toolkits to support staff in ensuring students develop these graduate attributes through their experience of the academic curriculum;
  • to establish a working group to support the project and the ongoing development, dissemination and implementation of university graduate attribute learning courses within faculties;
  • to identify a process to evaluate the development and achievement of the project with comparable international universities.

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